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Emma the Whale
Emma the Whale

Emma the Whale

Shore Buddies

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Darling little Emma is a customer favorite! She's made from  RECYCLED PLASTIC BOTTLES yet is as soft and cuddly as any little plush.

Emma the Whale is a 12" stuffed animal made from 6 recycled, cleaned and shredded plastic bottles. When pressed, Emma plays the authentic whale sound.

Advocates for clean oceans and raising awareness around micro plastics. Help Emma to keep plastics out of our oceans. Product meets all required U.S. children toy safety standards.

You can SUPPORT THE SHORE BUDDIES MISSION - as they strive to save marine life by educating our youth on the dangers of plastics for Marine Life and keeping plastics out of our Oceans

Process: First the bottles are shredded, cleaned, melted. Then, they are spun into a custom fabric yarn to make ourShore Buddies stuffed animals PLAYS AUTHENTIC WHALE SOUND WHEN PRESSED ~ Sound effect recorded by a professional marine biologist scientist for a truly authentic experience.

$1 FOR THE OCEAN - The company donates $1 from every product purchase to non for profit organizations that share their Mission Statement.

This is a SAN DIEGO company!