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Kaleidoscope Camera

Kaleidoscope Camera

Plan Toys

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WIth a clickable shutter button and adjustable kaleidoscope lens, children can point and shoot in any direction that they choose!

See the world through a unique lens both indoors and outdoors. Pretend play as a famous photographer bird watcher or part of the paparazzi!

SUSTAINABLY-MADE: The My First Camera is crafted with PlanWood(TM) a PlanToys material made from surplus sawdust that results in a more flexible water-resistant wood and is pigmented with water-based and natural dyes that are free from harmful chemicals. Softened edges make the camera extra child-friendly and safe.

TRIGGERS IMAGINATION: Unlock creativity and imaginative thinking by viewing the world through the kaleidoscope lens. Pretend play with the camera offers children the opportunity to storytell and make up scenarios that ultimately support their creative thought process.

SUPPORTS DEVELOPMENT: Improve hand-eye coordination with a clickable shutter button and adjustable lens; enhance concentration ability.

Made in Thailand