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Shape Sorter - Make Me Yours Toy Studio
Shape Sorter - Make Me Yours Toy Studio

Shape Sorter

Bannor Toys

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Made from solid Baltic Birch, this beautiful shape sorter is the perfect toy for promoting eye-hand coordination, teaching shapes and sorting!
  • Approximately 10" L x 7" H x 7" D
  • Adds a modern design element to any room
  • Open sides design, kids can reach in from all 4 sides to get pieces
  • Tray underneath to catch and store pieces
  • Includes 8 shapes (2 cherry triangles, 2 cherry pentagons, 2 walnut squares, 2 walnut circles), all approximately 1.5"
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Safe for all ages, developmentally appropriate for ages 18 months and up.

Please know that the circle can fit inside the square, if the circle was made bigger so it did not fit inside the square, the triangle and pentagon would fit inside the circle then. Bannor Toys is limited in the shapes they can make because they use natural wood instead of molded plastic.

Bannor Toys has been handcrafting heirloom quality modern wood toys in the heart of Iowa since 2011. Each toy is created with the intention of letting imagination and creativity thrive in children.